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Green Goblin Tile Cutter

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Our Green Goblin tile cutter can be used with glass, ceramics and Smalti.

With it's ergonomic shape, those with hand or wrist issues will find they can use for longer periods of time with less pressure required to achieve a perfect score line. No pressure is required to snap the glass as the opener does the work for you. 

Included is 1 x glass cutter, 1 x opener, 2 x cutting heads, 3 x spare foot pads, 2 x oil for cutter, and 1 x tape measure.

  • High-quality steel cutter head, durable
  • Ergonomic handle, easier to hold
  • Longer handle, easier to apply force
  • When using the opener, four foot pads should be placed on the front of the tile, and one foot pad should be placed on the back of the tile
  • Ideal for using with thick glass and larger sheets

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